To Ashley

~ Hemangini Das

To ashley, you taught me life 
in 6 songs. 

Through '100 letters' 
you said you were a physical fatality 
a sin, I'd say on your behalf 
to throw false verses around so candidly 
well wonders never cease 
we can be ripped at every edge 
and still be a masterpiece 

Through 'sorry' 
sometimes you can't love the boy 
because you don't want someone
who is so colored by the vague notions
of cliché love that he can't
see past the concept he has been
fed since he was in 7th grade and
he wants you to love him like
you love your mom, but you
wonder how can he expect you to
love him more than you love yourself?
you understand that it is not
in the blood running through your
veins to love someone so childlike, leaving
you with only hoping that someone will 
love him, but someone isn't you. 

Through 'graveyard' 
you see the person you love as 
velvet or honey for your eyes & while
you're busy solving the labyrinth 
they're stuck in, you're blinded 
to how it's not a labyrinth they're stuck in, 
because they are the labyrinth. 
we begin by seeing them as shrines of 
primroses and crocuses of yellow light
which grow up to be roses, not the kind 
you'd bring your lover, but the kind 
so camouflaged with thorns that there's 
no way to touch them anymore without 
having to bleed yourself a little. 

Through 'clementine' 
from seeing yourself as the only force you'll 
ever need to quench your desires 
to seeing yourself as someone as vulnerable 
as a butterfly's wings inflicted with 
stains all over which no amount 
of cleansing will help recover it's original colours, 
i learned what self love is.

Through 'hurricane' 
be a one night stand, rather 
than slaving under someone who 
shoves down a fabricated notion 
of love in your throat everytime
you say you're hurting. don't belong to
the empty alleys who hid you from 
your mother's eyes while you let him 
have a taste of fairy tales in you. 

Through 'haunting' 
you live under the impression that 
you're pure as air, forgetting that 
it's contaminated with dioxins and furans
and reeks of the inadequate breaths 
of all you've loved and lost
and these chemicals are just names 
of toxic compounds you've swallowed down 
over the years only to strengthen your 
immunity while weakening your heart. 

Thank you for your music 

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