To Alec Benjamin

Dearest Alec Benjamin,

They say music can heal souls and if there’s any truth in this statement, then you are undoubtedly my spiritual healer. You describe your music as stories and that’s exactly what your songs are, they are stories narrated by the purest heart. You aren’t just a singer, to me you are a storyteller.

Whenever I have a rough day, it is you who I turn to hoping to find strength. You put words, notes and that angelic voice of yours to all my thoughts and feelings. You speak to my soul, and in a strange way you let me feel what I want to. It seems like you just get it. However weird it may sound but Alec, you and your songs let me be me.

You talk about having demons inside no one ever knows about, but you.

You speak about your mind being a prison, you being stuck inside it and your persistent struggles to get out of it.

You speak about being the boy in the bubble.

You talk about losing oneself to fit into the moulds others expect us to be in.

You say its okay not to feel the best at all times and that its okay if your glass just has no water in it on some days.

You talk about how having someone who loves you by your side makes world an easier place.

You make me feel okay about not having any hope but motivate me to find a ray of hope and Alec, I do get hope.

I relate to these things so much and if it’s possible, your music is cathartic, not just for you but also for me, as your listener. You make me cry when I need to do that the most. You make me smile when no one can. I wonder how beautiful your soul must be to come up with such touching lyrics and themes to base your music on!

I play your tracks on loop, soaking in every word you say, as I pen down this letter to you, hoping that someone, someday would listen to you and find peace like I found mine.

Making your grandmother smile has been your greatest accomplishment according to you, so I just want you to know that you’ve touched sooo many hearts and have made sooo many of us smile.

Thank you for being there, Alec.

You give us hope.
Thank you for doing that. :)
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