Dear no one

Tasmiah Azad

Dear No one,
I know you are straight and it’s ‘Normal’! But I am not, so you choose to call me ‘Abnormal’? I still remember the night I came out to my parents, and how do you expect them to react? This is not some Netflix rom-com where our parents would just hug us and say everything is going to be okay, there’s nothing to worry about! This is real life and this is ‘India’ my parents were hysteric, my mom started crying and my father said I need medical help. For days my mom locked me up in my room and performed some stupid ‘purification’ ritual which was supposed to purify my mind which was apparently full of corrupt thoughts! But the worst was school, my friends treated me like a plague, my desks and benches were scribbled with stuffs I don’t have have the guts to talk about. And what do I say about my teachers? Well they had a counseling session with me where they basically tried to convince me that it’s just ‘hormones’ making me belief that I am into girls and not boys. I need to do meditation and go out for jogs to clear my mind. I mean can you believe it? I don’t even understand in which century are we living anymore? I am tired of those taunting comments and disgusting looks. I don’t know for how long can I keep up with all this, it’s too difficult. No one understands , everyone’s busy giving their own theories, which ultimately concludes that I am ‘Abnormal’ . Why can’t just for once people understand that not every girl dreams of marrying a man in a gorgeous sherwani, some girls dream of marrying a girl in read lehenga as well! The only thing I wonder right now is, we often say we need to spread love then why am I not allowed to do so.

Yours not so truly,
the girl who’s ‘normal’.