Dearest Maa

Himparna Das
Dearest Maa ,

While I write this it's sunny up here, i did not even realise when the moon went down and the sun rays already hit me. You must be happy to hear this that your child now is no more of a late or lazy person. It's been 4 days I haven't slept, my eyelids can now bear it no more. The rush here is high, lives are in danger, the sudden silence breaks me.

What did you made me learn, what way did you teach, what was the way you loved me, for all of this ties me into being one, to keep going and to always be that fighter I've seen my mother being. I won't say it's easy, it's not . But it's the lessons you taught that is keeping the pieces in me into one. People say I am a fighter, less do they know that Ma, the real fighter is you, my hero is you.

Every fortnight when you recieve my letter, i know somewhere your heart fears that this one might be the last, yet you fight with that corner of your heart and make yourself believe that there are thousands of more letters to come. You've been doing this since the past 18 years.

9 months in your womb was a blessing, the childhood of your warrior couldn't have been better, and now this distance kills me Ma. I miss home everyday, i miss the soft words of you, I am tired Ma, tired of being away. On one hand is the values you implanted in me, that makes me remember how you let your child go without fear to serve his nation, and on the other hand is the warmth of home.

Since the past 18 years of joining this dream job of mine, you have always been the pillar, holding which I have chosen the hand that has values of dedication and respect for my work. But now Ma, your child has done his job.

Till i breathed my last, i stuck to being the fighter you always saw in me. I tried my best, but no way could I be a better fighter than you. I want to sleep Ma, sleep forever in your lap.

With love
Your fighter forever.
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Shubhankar Sarma
Shubhankar Sarma
5 months ago

Beautifully expressed indeed. Loved it.