Dear Innerself

Rikshita Bhattacharyya
Dear Innerself,

Being generous isn't the permission to tear you up,
Being humble isn't the ticket to all your pains,
Being quiet isn't the solution to your problems.

You couldn't create a haven to encounter your own tranquility but That doesn't mean you are a destroyer or an unskilled artist,
You coudn't let kill the sources of your sufferings but that doesn't mean you are Iron Hearted,
You couldn't let water drop from your eyes in public but that doesn't mean you are dried up,
You couldn't let your smile fade anyday but that doesn't mean you are always jolly,
You couldn't stop hearing to others but that doesn't mean you cannot speak.

All you did was just to live according to the rules laid down by some unknown fellow but not to live your own life,
All you did was just to be a human but not a living being,
All you did was just to remove the pall of darkness from the society but not to be the light of your ownself,
All you did was just an action but not your own emotion.
You wanted to do something for yourself but the society established you to be the pillar, to protect your mates.
You wanted to feel the rain in your face but the society told you to save it for others,
You wanted to raise your voice for ownself but the society let you to do it for others.
You wanted to clear your own doubts but the society made you busy in helping others.

You wanted to protect yourself from the thorns but the society made you pick up those to give others a smooth way.

But always you wished,you wished good for yourself and for others.You let yourself into the hoove inorder to clear the platform for others to shine.You carried everything without complaining even once,but there was no one to lend you a helping hand and yet you did,you did it all alone.

You headed all alone in search of your ownself.

-Rikshita Bhattacharyya