Dear Harry Styles

Dear Harry Styles,

My words won't ever be able to comprehend, how much an inspiration, you have been to me. Your contagious smiles ever churns a blander taking my soul to the depth and wild. Your musical musings never surrenders my ear. Your kindness always makes me feel, that you wind the world with a magic wand. When few individuals were dipped in egos and attitudes, you were silently satisfied to engulf simplicity and humbleness. Your journey has advocated a lot hurdles, from platform to paradise, starting merely in a band ONE DIRECTION, later achieving in abundance, which remains as an inspiration for others. The kindness you posses, the happiness you treat with, awes your fans.  You are charming, kind, helpful, humble, humourous, kinda naughty with spoof, elegant with all skills and potential you income. I find more like a brother in you, with hindering capabilities and  creativeness, just as I expected one. 
You were criticized being called a WOMENIZER , when you perturbed to spread love and having fight rights in the society. You were being agonised as FLIRTY, for only you took time to spend with people who took out for you, cheering you and you being there for them. But you never gave up 'treating people with kindness' with music and personality you preach. I adore every charm that you turbine to help create a better society. 
You are in someone's fanfictions, or be pen pals, in scraps or diaries. But for me you are in my surreal fascination owing a great part of my soul, lovingly as a brother I yearn for. And yeah, I want to meet you someday, and share my story too. You are an inspiration to many.
//Sweet creatures, wherever I go, you bring me home//

An inspired music lover.
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