A letter to: Alan Walker

I still remember back in 2017, when I listened to your super famous “faded” for the first time, and that song itself set off my interest in EDM and electronic music. And since then, i have been following your journey and consider myself a part of it too. And since then, Lily, Darkside, sing me to sleep, Alone, Diamond Heart, All falls down, the list just seems to go on and on. Your new song, Heading home is now my personal favourite, its one of the few songs that i can listen to on repeat for hours and hours without losing my smile. There is just something about your songs, a touch in their melody that separates them from every other song of similar genre, I cant differentiate if its the drops of love and affection or the layers of hope and unity. Your songs played anywhere around the world, be it in a quiet and peaceful scenic location, or the helter skelter of a busy suburb, be it a subwoofer or a simple guitar cover, your songs are diverse and straight up perfect. your songs have also given walkers like me the courage and motivation to fight the odds when we needed it the most, there have been moments for me when i could see no other option but shed tears, but as soon as i play one of your songs on my headset, my fists clench automatically with a newfound energy, and my brain gets automatically hardwired to never give up and never let down. Alan, never ever stop creating more of your charismatic music, You are my symphony, by your side, we are family. You are my energy, my guiding light, we are unity.
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