A letter from Me to Myself


Let’s take off the mask , you have been putting on since long. Let’s stand infront of the mirror for a while and retrieve the lost “You”.

Stop being too good or too tender and everything else that starts with ‘too’. Stop chasing things just to please ‘The people” for the sake of liking you.Stop sharing things that never gratify you.Stop seeking apologies even if you’re not wrong. Stop assuming things that were never ‘Your thoughts’.Stop speaking in the way, that was never yours.

It’s absolutely okay, to be different from ‘The herd’. Until and unless you’re not yourself’s , you can never be anyone else’s.Accept your flaws,accept your differences from the rest and accept yourself as “You”.

‘Contentment’ will just be a known buried word in the dictionary, until your heart dances along
it. Do things that makes you happy not what makes you look happy !