To Dear Diary

Dear diary,

Another day has passed in Riverdale. It always does but it feels different today. As you know me and Archie have been pretending to act like a couple to fool the people of Riverdale as a part of our plan and amidst the plan we have kissed each other but only as a showoff. What I am going to tell you today might be my guilty pleasure or should I say a not so sweet confession. Today back at Andrews, in the garage, Archie and I kissed, not to show anyone; it was just me and him. It felt like the older days have returned. I have always loved Archie, we were best friends and neighbours. When he looked into my eyes before we actually kissed, for me the clock stopped ticking, honestly I felt somewhat home as if we were meant to be. Yes I know we cheated on our partners, but I don’t know why it just felt right. I miss Jug and he is literally someone who have been the one person I can rely on when the clouds are grey. Sometimes I miss the old Riverdale; before Jason’s death, before the black hood, the Gargoyle king and Hiram Lodge. To be very honest I never liked Veronica Lodge the moment she came into Riverdale High but she is good friend now. Sometimes back I felt behind all the conspiracies it was Veronica, since most of the problems started after the Lodges returned to Riverdale, it was also strange how she knew which root to grab while finding solutions to these problems. Well you never know. For now Archie and I have made a promise to end this chapter here; though I didn’t want to. For now we will stay as friends and well yeah not tell our partners about our kiss :”).


Betty Cooper