Abhinna Phukan

This has been haunting me,
and it feels almost like a lifetime now.
The silence so uncomfortable,
and all the sudden outbursts
so self deprecating.
Every minute thing,
is indescribable yet meaningful.
The eeriness in it unheard yet profound,
weak but also strong. Strong enough to keep me awake
the whole night.
To also suck from me
the little energy left,
every bit of it.
Things have changed so much,
that it shakes me to the core.
I have met silence even before.
What worries me is that,
it has never been of this kind.
So much that it scares me,
A different kind of fear,
it has already filled me with.
Silence has answers,
they say that we only need to listen

and comprehend,
How do we do it when,
when it is only filled with rhetorics
and all things negative,
with all the answers missing?
Silence leaves an indelible mark.
It does for sure,
because I can totally feel these words now,
as it engulfs me more with every passing second.

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