Why should one believe in GOD ?

Bhupali Sarma

We,human beings , inspite of being the most advanced living specie on the planet, have to bow down to the obscured power of the universe,the power that has been running the everything for billion of years,the power which is beyond the reach of science and astronomy.The power is popularly known as GOD among humans.So,for the time we are here,we will call it the same,GOD.

From the time we could go back to,many saints and scientists had tried to find out what that supreme power was.Some said that they had encountered GOD, some others said that there was no such thing as GOD.Well,honestly I have nothing to do with them or their opinions regarding existence of GOD.

We are here to ponder the points and facts why one should believe in GOD.Again,believing in GOD does not imply believing in the existence of GOD.

Human beings, very naturally, worship heroes . The person one admires the most or loves the most,eventually becomes his hero.For a little kid,his hero is his mother,a teenager may find his hero in a soccer player or in a basketball player.Similarly, for an adult his/her hero is the partner (s)he lives with.

    As kids,we are forced to believe that heroes are those who save lives everytime we fall into a trouble. But as we grow up,we come to know that only the person who rescues lives is not a hero,every person in our lives, we have faith in, we can share our tears and laughs with, we can go to anytime whenever things get out of our hands, we can talk our hearts out to, is a hero. Every human being who extends his hand to help us standing up everytime we fall, is a hero. We admire our heroes, we love our heroes.

          But again, we are humans. We grow with every breath we take in and  learn with every breath we give out. As the time rolls, we learn the fact that no human is flawless. Even our heroes carry their own flaws. They have their blunders and mistakes. They have their own black holes of sins that they could not come out of. They have their own expectations ruined by their missteps.Then how can we entrust our purest faith and belief with them? How can they be our heroes when they have their own flaws those they can not correct? And if not they, is not there anyone whom our faith is safe with?

The answer is, yes.There is something/someone called GOD who can take the responsibility of your faith and belief. As no one, under the high heaven, has ever met or seen God, while all his five senses are active, it is almost impossible for us to find his flaws. How can we find flaws of someone/something without a physical existence? It makes things easy for us to believe in GOD, to keep faith in him, to go to him when times get harder for us and to hold on to our beliefs. Now, one can raise a question, how can we believe in GOD that we don’t even know whether exists or not. Let us all agree for an instant that there is no such thing like GOD. But we can not deny (from the point of view of science) the fact that there must be a supreme source of energy which is responsible for the creation of life in this planet, or the whole universe of which only 4% is known to us. People, many years ago, decided to call that supreme power as GOD. One who doesn’t want to believe in GOD, can call it whatever he likes.

Another reason why a non existent thing like GOD is superior to the people we believe in, is that our heroes can not follow us everywhere we go, can not be present everytime we need them. But as the only way to believe in GOD is to carry him in heart, so we can bring things out of the belief we have entrusted with GOD anytime we need to.

Holding on to something with a firm belief, while waiting for other things fall into their places, makes suffering easier. Similarly believing in GOD, mitigates one’s pain. Believing in GOD doesn’t declare him as the supreme, it strengthens us to endure miseries. That is why, I think, one should believe in GOD.

As we have decided, we will call God GOD till the time we’re here, now you’re free to name him the way you like.

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4 months ago

Pohi aasu ro…..

Uddipta Chetia
Uddipta Chetia
6 months ago

Well said❤️

Akash Acharyya
Akash Acharyya
6 months ago