The ‘Six’ who redefined Family

(Inputs from Manas Pratim Sharma)

It was 5 minutes into the pilot episode of the greatest sitcom ever, ‘the one where Monica gets a roommate’ – the audience would be introduced to Rachel, the dependent daughter of her wealthy father who leaves her orthodontist fiancé. It was pretty clear in the very first five minutes what the show was going to be about. While Rachel’s marriage couldn’t even start, she would meet Ross at not much too late into when his ends.

The show from right the beginning crusted on the belief that people who you’re born to or around do not make up the family you’d need rather it were the people you’d meet in your way and the ones that dare not leave and transcends into being one with you.

The show beautifully exploits the reasons of each other being friends with one another, and also the developing bonds between people who were there in the group by situation not choice. The fact that all of their parents, may it be Chandler’s gay Dad who’s into the show-line or the divorced set of Greens all of them had something dysfunctional that rendered their wards looking for company in the streets of New York City.

It went all in luck, while these set of Independent adults stormed through jobs, love and life with each other being there at disposal for one another. The show tolls from all life experiences and embarrassments, giving their viewers a fair idea of what life would be like when one would finally step up and start adulating.

The finesse of performances from the cast and the relatability of the show for the mass of ‘to be adults’ who constituted the primary viewership of the show made it a pop culture icon. Today, at 26 exact years to the first episode being premiered, F.R.I.E.N.D.S still makes up the list for most influential storyline and characters the Industry has ever been a witness to.

While, like most always say, the last episode left everyone in tears as the cast left Monica and Ross’ Grandma’s apartment for one last Coffee at Central Perk, there were questions raised as to why the show had to come to an end. To which the makers beautifully replied that “FRIENDS is a show about the time of life when your friends are your actual family, we do see a reunion at some point but maybe when Ross and Rachel are finally happy but Emma is in therapy, it’d be the time when she’d need her own FRIENDS to get her through. The floor for innovation must be left open to some other struggling generation, there’d be another show that would lead to the Accolades our stars and their efforts did.”

While we still await a reunion, we do also thank the writers and the makers of the show for giving us an embodiment of our own struggles and our own situations. The many times, Chandler made an uncomfortable joke and we laughed our hearts out caring not how loudly we did, because most of the times we’d be on our headphones. The times when we had to learn a disturbing truth maybe about Ross and Rachel’s haywire fiasco or the fact that Monica and Chandler may never conceive. And if at times, these four lives would get heavy to bear for both them and us, there would always be Joey and Phoebe with the weirdest of stories to lighten the mood. The show has rightfully helped us adult in lives and look up after every failure as they stood as examples to a road that would someday end in a happy ending.