The Big Bang Theory Guide

The Big Bang Theory, a show which seems to be a fairly traditional sitcom, is about four scientists at Caltech University, Pasadena CA; and their quest to navigate the world from a book-smart yet socially addled perspective, with the help of their street-smart waitress-actress neighbor, (knock knock knock) Penny. The foundational concept expressed by Chuck Lorre – telling the story of men who “want to unravel the universe but can’t talk to a woman” – reflects a conflict that makes up the core of The Big Bang Theory, and explains why the show has been both adored and despised throughout the years.

After following the show for almost 5 years, until the show ended in May 2019, TBBT fans honestly couldn’t have asked for a more ‘perfect’ end to the already perfect show. I still can’t get over the fact that the show’s final episode made me cry like a baby, whereas I owe a bazillion laughs to them. Nobody saw it coming; I mean how could’ve they. (A little spoiler, it was Sheldon’s Nobel acceptance speech).

It is funny how through the not very perfect set of characters, the show reaches out to its viewers with a bazillion other things to be learned from. While the nobel-craving, coitus-avoiding, sarcasm-challenged boy-man genius Sheldon took us on a remarkable journey of developing ourselves struggling through an array of emotions may it be jealousy, intimacy or stardom for that matter; the far from desirable alpha male Leonard showed us how being true to your love and keeping at it persistently would bring about better days. The bro-mancing pair of Howard and Raj had their own stories to tell, while Howard who knew not when to put his creepy knob on went to lead a happy married life and Raj, the struggling Indian out on his father’s money realizes the need to step on his own legs in the real world. While Penny learns the lesson hard when she had to shift her field of work, Amy and Bernie set examples for women in sciences as successful scientists and responsible adults with functioning relationships to manage.

To put it in rigid categories, here are the things the show revolves around and leaves you with;

Let Technology Be Your Friend:

Technology and innovation can help you improve your productivity in surprising ways. From the conventional to the experimental, this show explores unique ways technology can help you increase your productivity.

Don’t Take On More Than You Can Handle:

As much as we all love Sheldon, he can be a bit of a control freak and a working hog. Even when he is collaborating with others he has trouble letting go. When Leonard comes up with an idea to develop a smartphone app, Sheldon tries to seize control of the project.  After appointing himself as the chief executive, financial, and operating officer, Sheldon gets himself fired for being a control freak.

Be Honest:

Honesty is everything in team work. There’s no use hiding behind fears of the unknown. Sheldon Cooper thinks it’s absolutely alright to come out clean and not hide behind lies. He doesn’t see any point to. So, he doesn’t care. You shouldn’t either.

Disputes Can Be Solved:

In teamwork, disputes are meant to happen. We can’t get along all the time. But there is always a way to resolve them. For instance, by a roll of the Dice, or a game of “Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock”. Try to find solutions to disagreements and don’t dwell on them.

Work Never Stops:

Even when these nerds are off work, their brains are engaged. From solving hypothetical problems like how Superman cleans his suit to working on robots, these friends know the power of fun can help them increase their productivity.

It is almost hard to believe that it has been a year since the show ended. But what feels good is to think of the whole bunch of struggling adults meeting once every while at what was Leonard and Sheldon’s Apartment with bags full of take away Thai food, all sharing a supper together while Raj would still be complaining about having to sit on the floor. Soon, the guys would start a round of Dungeons and Dragons and the Girls would have to slip by galloping wine while having their infamous Girl’s Night.