Should youth get involved in politics?

Darshan Parashar

Politics is the way that people living in the groups make decisions. Politics is about making agreements between people so that they live together in groups such as tribes, cities, or countries.
If a youth has an acumen or passion for politic, he must join it by all means. Politics is a noble profession just like a doctor, engineer or a caretaker. At least in a functioning democracy like India, it’s the politicians that decides the system the fate of million people, our laws and touch all the key areas of our lives.
Some says “Politics is dirty”. But I must say those who are passionate must enter politics and do get their hands dirty at least once to see the ground reality of this country. Else what the point of reading newspaper so much like a typical brooding old man and posting political stories on social media. One must get on the ground and then see how those events, which we see getting narrated in the breaking news, actually unfold in reality. And if you want to clean the dirt, you have to get your hands dirty.
I agree that politics is a big entangling web but it sure as hell is the web on which our country is being run. As for the youth we’re the people who will be inheriting this ugly web, but it’s our moral duty to make the biggest democracy the best run democracy.
Also there are many young politicians who inspire India such as Kanhiaya Kumar, Aditya Thackeray etc. Even our respected PMO India is in the field of politics since the age of 16.
We’re not the generation who’s intimated by the if’s and but’s of the society and neither by the imaginary borders that have been built by the people on the basis of their birth and origin.
And if this generation is halted going into politics, well than I’m afraid that we give up the hope of ever seeing our politicians as idols or role models.