By-Siddhant Singh

Why do we show so much fake wisdom,despite being so knowledgeable, we do all the same mistakes.Even if there is a chance to improve,yet we repeat all those mistakes.Police does not belong to any party.Even after knowing this
Still we curse and beat them.What is their fault if they’re doing their job well?Even when protecting the country, there is no reward or salute.The rest who were silently watching,don’t think that you did nothing to the police,even you  joined them by putting your hands in cheeks.We say that there is no opportunity to serve or protect the nation,if you were so wise/capable to save the nation,then,when you got a chance that day, why didn’t you all got up at once and raised your voice against those miscreants when they treated the innocent police inhumanly,when atrocities were happening in front of your eyes.Even after putting all efforts giving no time to their families, and when one life could not be saved,then why do you curse/blame the doctors, nurses and scientists?
If you had so much knowledge
Then why did you go out of the house when the lockdown was officially announced.Instead thank them who gave that life a few more moments to spend with you.We say we have no time to identify oneself.Now the time is there sweetheart, don’t let it go,do not let your good life go on repeating the same mistakes again.Everyone says that look at the world and life it is very beautiful,
But no one has said that the world and life will look only beautiful when all the dirt that which has been filled by you or filled by others or you yourself joined the dirt.Try to remove those dirt and also do not forget to remove those which are more sensible and useless.All I have to say now is that change yourself well at home, know your hidden qualities and work on it, have fun with family, maintain social distancing, do not forward incorrect messages, motivate and support everyone,all the mistakes that you have made, now is the right time to rectify it.And the biggest thing is that even after lockdown maintain social distancing from those who haven’t changed themselves who are repeating the same mistakes but still considers them as to be the wise.
Now I guess,you probably have some understanding of why quarantine is good.Even, if you don’t understand a bit, atleast for God’s sake keep your stupid knowledge for sometime inside your pocket.Also thanks to all the wards, workers, farmers and many other helpers who are providing the daily services.