Nothing good happens after 2a.m.

(A statement , that’s just unfair to the heart…)

Lyf Tonic
It's said that we feel our emotions better at night.
Maybe that's because at night we are done with all our daily chores and we get some time with ourselves...
Have you ever tried sitting all alone beneath the sky at mid night?
The moon spreads a cool light and the stars twinkle just like our problems sometimes appearing like huge rough meteors and at other times tiny soothing gems so far... 
At mid night when the entire world is asleep and it's so calm all around, 
We hear the call of our heart!
Our fragile little heart summons all its strength to speak up. And understanding what we truly desire, we tend to make decisions that might look like a huge stupidity at other times.
But somewhere we know that it was all that our heart seeked for! The results may not be fine always but yes, deep inside we would never regret for our actions, cause howsoever we want, we can't escape our feelings...

Infact it's only during these hours of dawn when we meet our souls! Our conscience speaks to us, but ofcourse without even a tint of our brain's interference. 
And maybe sometimes it's really okay to keep our mind away from some decisions cause that's how we get true happiness in life. So, let's not hate our purest and most brutally honest versions of ourselves just to cope up with the fake and materialistic world out there!

The time between 2am to 4am is the time of our stars. They guide us. They lead us. This time gives a ray of hope to us that yes! things can get better, and we will do it!
With the end of a day it brings the dawn of a new beginning!
So as the sun prepares itself to serve the entire mankind with lots and lots of positivity, courage and hope.
Let's try and follow our heart and be truly happy!

It's a dialogue from "How I met your mother". No hard feelings for any show or no intentions to defame anyone. But maybe not all dialogues are meant to be followed! Readers do give it a thought!