It’s High Time

Alakananda Saikia

“Sharing won’t help anything”.It can neither melt the hearts of ” big people ” nor it can lessen the pain and agony of the “sufferers”. It’s a harsh reality we all know – At the end what ” big people” thinks,how and when they want a change -matters in a world we live in at present. Perhaps the sort of conversation most of us are having in the context of “inhumane issues” will continue, I don’t know , for how many generations.
Can’t the intellectuals or the big people give their time over these “inhumane issues” unlike COVID-19 pandemic? Corona Virus is killing people, hampering economy, trade and commerce along with social lives and so it can’t be a part of human life and hence such long long discussions. But what about the already existing “Corona Viruses” in the form of human beings since ages?How many of them did try so hard as of now to invent a “Vaccine”?
Isn’t it possible to organise a congregation as huge as the “CAA Protest” , “BlackLivesMatter” and lot more in order to seek a change. But how many of us will join,is a question to be asked to each one of us.
Life in prison is indeed lavish – atleast for life long imprisonment you get the most precious thing ever. “Money” be the “wand” with the strongest spell and the most pleasing discount “Being a juvenile”.
Do the ” Corona Virus” consider age to infect? Why we always shout about the “Reservation system” when “Inequality” as dangerous as this is prevailing yet so aloud. It’s an “Inequality to the Mankind.”
Unlike any other vaccine, this will also take time. But it’s not impossible.
There’s lot more to say,to ask,to show and to point at. Until big people’s heart doesn’t melt it’s just a “BREAKING NEWS” we’ll see everyday and someday might be our dear one’s too. But “Sharing won’t help anything”

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Bikash Sarma
Bikash Sarma
6 months ago

Good One!

6 months ago

Nice nice 🔥🔥🤓