How china is winning the war without the use of bullets

Priyongshu Paul
The world's two largest economies are locked in a fight for influential supremacy on the global market..the trade war is between none other than US and china. Both sides have been hitting each others imports/exports with tariffs with almost no hint or a chance at agreement talks. This trade war has its own repurcussions, which strike back at third parties and nations. But, is every country strong enough like USA to be independent from Chinese market influence? Let's find out about how china is winning this war against the world without firing a gun.
China's best weapon:
"To fight and conquer in all battles is not the supreme excellence; the supreme excellence is in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting" this is one of the oriental thoughts of hybrid warfare by Sun Tzu. China has seen its economic assertance rise in the past 30 years. And china uses this economic assertance to cleverly take control of a nation's capital and infrastructure via the tactics of debt diplomacy.

The tale of Taiwan:

To give you an example of how successful these tactics have been, let's take a look at the chinese agenda of reunification of Taiwan. China has been pushing it's agressive use of geo-economics to isolate Taiwan internationally. China has already proclaimed Taiwan to be an unalienable part of chinese territory, hence its technically not possible for any country in the world to have diplomatic relations with china and Taiwan simultaneously.
In 1995, after PRC asserted it's de facto status on Taiwan and the lifting of the trade ban in 2000, mainland China began to take control of Taiwanese stocks and even political parties. Now currently china accounts for 43-50% of Taiwanese exports; not only that, china has also established military and geo-tactical relations with Taiwan administration. Therefore it wouldn't be wrong to reach the conclusion that the whole of Taiwan is basically sold to the PRC.

Quest for world dominance:

China has been using its economic advantage as a means of securing territorial sovereignity and forwarding national interests beyond its borders. China has used it's trade powers on Japan regarding the senkaku Island dispute. The Japanese government bought a portion of the senkaku island and Chinese government retaliated by sanctioning rare earth minerals trade to Japan.
China has been taking advantage of the vulnerable countries such as Cambodia, myanmar, phillipines which are a part of the ASEAN corporation. China is the largest trading partner with these nations and it can hit them back with trade sanctions anytime it feels necessary

The chakravyuha of China around India:

China provides development aid in the form of loans to economically challenged nations such as Maldives, south Africa, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. The loans pile up over time to humongous amounts, for example- south Africanl owns a total of 428 billion dollars to PRC since economic relations were established in 2002. Very often the countries are unable to pay back the interests and china forcefully claims control of its critical infrastructure such as ports and military infrastructure. The best punchline of the chinese dream is the BRI(belt and road initiative) via which china is leveraging its strategic assertance around India. The belt and road initiative is speeding up Chinese markets throughout South Asian countries till europe via the construction of roadways, seaports and airbases. The china Pakistan economic corridor or CPEC is just a part of it.
Graph (1)
Via this image you can see how china has strategically taken control of ports around Indian Territory. And in the event of a conflict, china can use these captured lands to set up FOBs to push into mainland India. China through this circle can even sever support from Western allies to India, deeming India helpless to an attack from all sides with almost no support whatsoever.

Chinese market in India:

"Boycott china" tweeted a guy using a phone of Chinese brand.
Is it possible to boycott ALL Chinese products? And if yes..then at what cost?
China has been investing and sponsoring in the Indian startups especially online shopping apps, most of the products that you buy online are Chinese. Even many electronic brands that we use everyday are all made in china..even if the final product is not assembled in china…the parts necessary to assemble the item are manufactured in china and then sent to the assembling stations around the world. Tiktok and PUBG..the two most popular apps amongst Indian youth are also Chinese. China in the last two years has funded over 4 billion dollars in total to these startup companies.
Moreover primary products such as pharmaceuticals are also imported from China to India.
Fortunately, India is still not caught in the debt trap of China. We have a chance to retaliate, but how? Boycotting Chinese apps isn't the best option. What India has to do now is something it should have done immediately after independence. That is - improvisation of local businesses, small everyday products like lighters, nailcutters, spoons, toys etc should be made locally in Indian industries so that we can cut the imports from China. After that we should start aiming at supporting the more technical industries like electronics and IT and even medical kits. This is to make sure India stays independent from Chinese influence while maintaining neutral diplomatic relations with china.