Anti child labour day, a surreal reality?

Himparna Das

12th June, the day worldwide known as the “Anti child Labor day”, with a view of having a perspective that Child slavery is a crime against Humanity people mark this day. But what remains as a toss to this head side is that, a crime in the eyes of society is the way of overcoming hunger for some. Thousands of children in search of a few pennies work day and night, a single tore t- shirt and a meal in a day is what they have been living for. The commercial sector not only has been exploiting them at various scenarios, but instead of trying to build a future for them is making work a burden for the innocent minds. The tiny hands that needed books and food, is now dusty and wounded. In a society where unemployment is a core factor, this very crime to humanity becomes a source of smiles for the laborers. With a meal in hand at the end of the day, the wounds are forgotten and the same things restart the very next sunrise. Somewhere they have been used as a medium to market drugs and other harmful goodies as such. During this global pandemic, and even in the aftermath to come the situations will worsen. According to a new brief from the International Labor Organization (ILO) and UNICEF, millions more children are at a risk of being pushed into child labor as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, which could lead to the first rise in child labor after 20 years of progress. Child labor decreased by 94 million since 2000, but that gain is now at risk. Each one teach one, is no more a way of reality, but a surreal magical dream. Irony and dilemma remains : Whether to consider the exploitation as a crime, or to get moved away by the smiles of the needy?

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