She Who Slays Evil

Part 1 -
  Another village lay in flames. The attackers were becoming bolder and bolder as the days came to pass. They always came in like a shadow and killed everyone indiscriminately, not even sparing the women and children. The General sat on the stump of a burnt tree, the embers still burning at its edges. But the real fire was raging inside the General, boiling his blood to the temperature of immense anger. His boys were now looking for survivors amongthe burnt remains of a once bustling settlement of 1000 people. “May Lord Agnibe merciful”, the General muttered under his breath. 

The Lieutenant, Mastak, approached the General taking large and steady strides. He executed the full military salute, bringing his muscular arm on his rather thinchest and bowing low. “Sir, the soldiers were able to find around 75 grievously injured survivors among the wreckage. We were able to find the bodies of most of the deceased. The soldiers are currently erecting funeral pyres for the last rites,”, said Mastak with a disappointed but firm tone. The General brought the brown Rudra seed hanging from his neck, up to his forehead and muttered a silent prayer for the poor souls.

Standing up now, the General said, “It’s been a year of attacks on villages now. That fanatic Mahishasur and his so called ‘Asura Army’ have been attacking more and more brutally of late. God knows when we will be able to stop these cowardly attacks.” He moved forward and picked up a burning piece of cloth from the soil. Holding it up to the sky, he boomed, “Lord Shiva! Show me the path so that I am able to save my kingdom.” Saying so, the General threw the burning cloth and strode towards the temporary medical center where the wounded were being treated.

Now , little did he know that Lord Shiva himself had already sent someone to show the path. Now it was their job to find the saviour and bring her.