About Us

Minds are storehouses, measure of whose power is unimaginable by human limits. Evidences of the might possessed by human minds, finds it’s existence imprinted in letters of gold, glorified through time since the inception of mankind. Just as telescopes and microscopes enable eyes to see beyond what lies in it’s physical capacity , team BlogBug rests it’s firm believe in the fact that artistic  minds which exist in the population are scientists that have created virtual lenses, powers of which are not measured in dioptres, but instead in their abilities to penetrate through ordinary and observe the extraordinary that in there lies. 

 BlogBug has been curated with utmost love, to provide such inquisitive and ingenious minds the delight to enlighten people with their insights, provide them new pairs of eyes, to let others see spot the extraordinary in the ordinary. And while they do so, they render themselves as “descendents of The Creator”  as a mark of reverence to the Supreme Being above and as an  expression of their gratitude for being gifted with the ability to stir minds with their creations. To all the poets and writers, the gifted ones, the ingenious descendents of the “Creator”, from the entire teamblogbug Happy creation!!!